BurgerTime Deluxe

BurgerTime Deluxe 3.0

Earn big points by squishing your edible adversaries with falling ingredients
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BurgerTime Deluxe is an original arcade game in which you make burgers. The game is comprised of different platforms that you must scale in order to make the burgers ingredients (bread, burger, cheese, lettuce, sometimes tomato, and bread). Then you drop to the levels below to finally form the burger. The game is not as easy as it looks, since it is plagued with funny enemies (who are in fact other vegetables) that want to kill you. You have to avoid them or defend ourself with the salt shaker, pepper shaker, and ketchup bottle, ice cube, energy drinks, and other power-ups that help you complete the level safely. All the levels are full of items that help you earn more points, like ice-creams, potato chips, to name but a few. You are given a certain number of lives when you start, but you can get more by collecting some items. As you progress, the game gets more and more challenging with lots of enemies and obstacles.

It includes lots of different levels and fun mini-games, so you will be playing for a while. It is very easy to control, since you move the main character with the arrow keyboard keys and you press the spacebar to fire pepper shots.

The game includes two modes: Story mode, in which you play the levels in order as the story progresses, and the Quick play mode, which enables you to play the different levels in any order until you run out of lives.

The graphics are cartoonish, very colorful and attractive. The game is full of great sound effects and the music is a bit repetitive but suitable.

All in all, BurgerTime Deluxe is a very creative and original arcade game that will surely attract many players.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Original and creative gameplay
  • Lots of power-ups and bonuses
  • Great variety of levels and enemies
  • Wonderful graphics and sound effects
  • Easy to play
  • Challenging


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